"I recently received an awesome distant Reiki session from Alexa, something that was completely unknown to me months ago. This was my second session with her and I'm looking forward to more! Feeling the flow of energy through my body and all the tingles is an amazing experience. The peaceful feeling I get from this is priceless. I woke up today feeling calmer, less stressed and more attuned. Alexa, thank you so much and thanx for all the valuable info you gave me also! Till the next one!!! Love & Light to you!!!" -Lucy M., Newark, NJ


"I had an amazing Reiki session with Alexa. She was professional and very courteous  and took her time to explain things to me even after the session was over. I felt refreshed and energized after the session and even the next morning. I would recommend her to everyone of my clients!" -Anthony M., Hackensack, NJ


"Thanks to Alexa she was able to let me know what I need to do to improve in my daily living. I felt great after the session was over. I will definitely come back to her to receive more sessions in the future." -Harold B., Stamford, CT


"I had a distant Reiki session with Alexa and it was one of the best experience. I felt energized right after my session and a few days after. I loved the fact that right after the session, she provided information that will help you improve certain things in you and in your life. I will definitely recommend her to anyone." -Steffi S., Brooklyn, NY